Mike Petersen, President & CEO

Levente Living CEO Mike Petersen

Across the retirement living sector, Covid-19 has continued to challenge residents, team members and families in 2021. Despite these challenges and through rigorous infection control and vaccination programs, Levante Living was able to achieve outstanding outcomes through the third wave of Covid-19. We experienced two outbreaks with a combined total of 4 positive team member cases during the third wave. Through continued education and leadership support for access to vaccines, 85% of Levante Living team members and 95% of residents have received at least one dose of and approved Covid-19 vaccine. Due to high vaccination rates among residents and team members, there were no lost lives and zero resident cases in the second quarter of 2021. As a result of these outstanding vaccination rates and with the guidance of public health, safe family visits, re-opening of dining rooms and programming have resumed across our residences. We are incredibly proud of the commitment and tenacity of our front line teams as they have work tirelessly to keep our residents safe.

At Levante Living, we intend to take what we've learned during this pandemic and put it to good use at our  retirement residences. Should sheltering in place ever be necessary again, our seniors can have peace of mind knowing that they don't have to risk going out to the grocery store between 7-8am--their meals are provided. They won't be alone for weeks on end. They'll have greater access to testing and emergency help if they need it. Medications and doctor visits continue to be provided for within the residence. And most importantly: in partnership with Public Health, the policies and procedures, including the extra precautions relating to pandemics, needed to keep our seniors safe are already in place.

There will continue to be a burgeoning aging population, and many will need the kind of care and socialization only a retirement or long-term care home can offer. Nothing will change that. We believe in the continued growth and value of the senior living sector and in management's value creation strategy for current and future Levante Living retirement residences.

Levante continues to cultivate resilient communities you can trust. 

We believe this is the future of Senior Living in Canada.